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The manual and the Processing of Payments can be a very difficult Task, especially for the Children of the school. Contains excessive administrative Time and Effort. In such a situation, the Schools, from the Beginning, so the Solution for the Management of online Payments, to speed up the Process.

The Web management of the Funds, which can be used to find the elementary, middle, or high school, more Transparency in the Management of the Funds. PCIPaymentonline Service can be used for the Process and the Resources of the different Regions.

The one who wants to can make a Donation by Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express), are invited to do so. In the same Way, the manipulation in Real time of the Tests and Controls, you can Advantage of the Modularity is based on the website of the payment Platform.

This payment Solution for online Payments, for the Reason that the very short period of time, as, for Example, PayPal Payflow Pro, PayPal Express, CyberSource, and Authorize.net. People can also have Their own Contributions and Donations to the School, the Principal charity Event.

This Type of Payment with the system of Supply Management of the School for the Implementation of monitoring, reporting and Verification of the Data of Registration, Payment, account, Profit and Loss, Loans and Grants. All this can be done, 24X7. Cloudbased Payment, to organise the service also allows the Use of the Concentration. In addition, there is a more proactive approach to the control and Prevention of Fraud in the Context of the Transaction. The Payment of this Solution, it is also possible, in order to Facilitate the Management and Billing of all and the Reimbursement of the Participants, as the Case may be.

In addition, the Use of a webbased payment and the Services, Administration, Primary school, complete online event management Solution that allows you to instantly online Registration. The Online Registration Platform available (24 x 7) of each Part of the World. The Registration can also be adapted, in order to give the Appearance of Your fundraising Event or on the Premises of the School. You can also send email messages and the Confirmations of Invitations to Your Friends to participate in Their School Activities.

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