Alive After Crisis Book Review

READ MORE after crisisSlender office in east London, Tom Blomfield, the UK for 30 years, we are preparing to take the creditors of the banking sector, which employs a handful of people, do not charge a service fee, and probably not much the loan.However, World, elegant account of the current cell, or very cheap to use. The strong traditional banks should be concerned, Mr. Blomfield. ‘There is a big change to come. After the financial crisis, lenders are usually able to repair their balance sheets. Globally, the bank has never been more profitable. Total in 2014 bank profits reached a record $ 1 billion, mainly to the growth of Chinese banks, according to the international consulting firm McKinsey & Co. The banking sector is also close to the peak in 2012 at about $ 135 trillion assets.But a well-established lenders have emerged cracks in their business models. The margins are reduced. the benefits of low interest rates in a hurry, the new regulations have increased the cost of most nimble competitors could jeopardize their businesses. Meanwhile, it seems that global economic growth will be disabled and the growing concern of China. ‘We are in an environment where there is no good, Andrea Orcel, president of the investment bank UBS AG, said recently.The major banks have spent the last five years to achieve legislative reform. The largest banks in the battlefield is how they can reduce costs to increase performance and put their balance sheets to work. Return on equity, which is a key, declined after the crisis, banks digested pools credits and reoperations. The average return of 14% before the crisis led to a new standard about 9% of world banks.


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