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A variety of minerals, crystals are usually placed round fully clothed individuals so as to induce relaxation and help in induction of sleep and stress, and promotes balance. Crystal healing lasts about an hour, and the crystals are used singly or sometimes in patterns. Located in the area of pain, acupuncture points, or vortices of subtle energy. The energy vortexes are called to mind. How is it possible that the treatment is working? You may be wondering how the placement of crystals affects the well-being of the person. In general, it is believed that there are no miracles, the laws of physics has not yet been found. Well, these precious stones have the ability produce vibrations and energy. Therefore, the position and the clock, for example, allows the battery to send constant charge through them. The load is absorbed in the accounts, leave aside the price, which is used for the maintenance-is the ideal time to watch. the Crystal is the possibility to have an impact on the electro-magnetic energy fields and subtle bodies that usually permeate the physical body. Among these are etheric, emotional and mental, which are the most commonly called the aura. They absorb, direct and diffuse fields of energy in the body, and then, being sick or the balance parts of the normal to find the rhythm again.

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