Banner Reviews 2016

Step-by-step reference guide strips to create high billboard conversion.You will learn that the most important factor for creating the ad, the customer psychology, to the landscape banner, the difference between Facebook and display advertising and more.You will leave with an understanding of what needs to be an expert to take into account when you customize our templates or create your own dollars future.Hundreds research, testing and design for pennies on the dollar
We invested a few hundred dollars scraping tool that would allow us to travel the longest distance run and click advertising.

We spent a couple of hundred more different design, test yourself. Our network of friends also test the design market.Only when we had 100 so that the design would be the real deal, we make our designer collection to the PSD template ready.

Thus, each packet is easily accomplished banner on the value of the gross cost of $ 1,500, giving each design a commercial gross of $ 40 / design. And this in a very conservative level.

It’s actually a pretty sweet deal, because you can easily spend as much or more to get a new set of banners made by a professional designer, said the review done.But since this is the first package of published Bannerswipes, we wanted something unique to do …
special offer ‘beta testing’
First, the package first Bannerswipes all 37 Design (108 models) for only $ 27.— You will correct all done by professionals announces it, the conservative design and for $ 0.72 a pop! 00:25 example!Now, this may be crazy, insult sound even with the amount of work we put in.But since it is a new product, that is our main goal to generate customers to make it better.See the low prices, you can easily cover the cost of the week if you want — but the savings on advertising costs alone!You just need to make extra sales or commission again continued investment. (That will give a lot easier when you start getting more traffic to your business from the molds.)

And the opportunity cost of your time saving design expensive ads. How much is it worth? I’m willing to bet that more than $ 27.

Remember that price is only for the first Bannerswipes package. We will sell in packets future price much closer to the true value. Do not wait for it. You deserve to it.In to maintain maximum efficiency ‘out of the box design, we are only 100 copies of the first package to give.

Therefore, a number of people keep a swipe file is in a small group of savvy marketers, but we always get a big enough market to get the reaction we need.Thus, we ask you not to share photos with others for both 1) reasons to maintain this competitive advantage for yourself and 2) respect for the many hours and dollars spent, we want to collect, test, packaging design and graphic files for you.We know that some do, despite these two reasons, we believe that most people are good at heart and honor the request and keep their designs.So remember, the initial package offered to the first 100 people. After that, and we at the basket.


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