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The evening was a success. I spoke to a lot of hot girls. It has more balls I’ve ever been in my life (I’m not even the best dancer). It was a big step. Normally I would get a club or bar, and a sense of uncertainty and stop looking for hot chicks, but today was walking and achieved positive results. We found out, but was very good. Seek the Saturday night. I do not usually like to go out, but it was fucking amazing to me today..6 short weeks, I feel that went from zero to hero! I changed from being very natural, talking to people everywhere! He was more social in recent weeks, I have been in recent years. Really! LOL. Since three days with hot women and approached the hottest girls I can trust. I can not wait to see what the next six weeks will bring. To be honest, I have not felt so alive with tough Yera have not felt this alive thanks Badass course Yera!Thanks tasks mat! As part of the course and make this Ninja training is literally feel the greatest! The arts not only with women, and all that clear to hell, and offers an impressive track record of doing things. Thank you for what you did! I would say that I hope to encourage people to one day!


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