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2 Cut the planks to the desired length, so that an inch or two on each end, you can immerse yourself in the study of the machine.

3, Instead of wood, the engineer, clean and square.

4 the internal battery, the best place that I have found is under the bed. (Preferably when the lady of the house, the mall)is

This allows you to move the wood, and a round or sucker can be associated with the package.

I know there is a Lot of chaos and loss of time, it can seem, but believe me, it saves a lot of work and heart, the pain, the shame, especially if the watch to another person, I dont want to be a member of the family, or, God forbid, a client, the ring, which means that the doors, hood or trunk of a loved one is in the vicinity of the clock, since your curve. Believe me, it is a nightmare, I had to do, observe, and build new doors. It is very heavy on the pocket and pride, so do the work right from the beginning, and Shine as in all professions, if you are the basic rules to be done properly with the head.

3. The movement and the dial.

One of the biggest mistakes Ive seen people over the years, if you create a folder in a watch, the first thing is the movement and the dial. I think that, given the importance of the matter, such as a mobile phone and not to say like a piece of that time. The cost is also a factor. There is a tendency to think that Im going to be, this is the case for the purchase, and then the movement and the dial. For example, if a member of the local furniture of the school asked me whether I have followed, such as the number of students who have decided to stand watches, because the financial statements of the project. She had a lot to do for hours on a couple of stores of strings and membranes, has been a good business. But now I think that the movements and the dials, which he had bought, not all of them. Unfortunately, this means that, in General, in addition to rebalancing, as in this case, in particular.Therefore, it is always on the dial and the movement, before the creation of the file. I know that he is on the right path, but you would be surprised how many people try.

The procedure is always the same: to do this, a dialog box opens, in which you are thinking of the exposure, the projection on the outer side of the dial measurements, through the mask, and through the hood, the doors and the hood, and that gives us the correct width of the watch. Then, the measurement is carried out before you with the scroll wheel, the tail of the movement for a correct use of the depth and proportions of the watch.

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