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Ah, but I beg to differ – Jesus is perfect, and perfect love of God through Christ, which enables us to be and to do everything in life, with the circumstances in which they are currently. So, if you go to the left or to the right, to live or to die, to stay or to leave, to fight or to give up, is the love of God that is in us! Where he leads me, I’m not!Your parents are going through a divorce, most express the truth that there are no words to understand the intensity of the pain, the pain and the struggle. However, it is important to be realistic. Many authors, in comparison with a divorce, the death of his father. This is sometimes an accurate metaphor, but ONLY because parents make the choice to create the level of stress for the child. Most times, parents can make better choices, and it is the best option to protect children against the devastating effects of divorce. These are the comments that it is important because it begins to examine the effects of divorce on the child. The results are summarized in the table below is not all the truth, which is very complex. A number of factors that have an impact on the children. Among them, the wrath of their parents, children who are exposed to the hostilities, the duration of the procedure, on the levels of dysfunction in the family, substance abuse in the home, the quality of the relationship between parents and children, and the level at which children experience changes in the program, the school, and to get in touch with the family. As you can see, there are a number of factors that will affect the kids…they are really abstract, but only a partial vision of the reality of divorce, family. What are some of the Effects of Divorce on Children? Each child has their own personality, biology, and sensitivity to the influence of the reaction of a divorce, the stress and challenges above). The stability of the family and social life, environment plays an important role. The role of parents is very important in how the child reacts and works. Sometimes, a child, stress factors and psychological stress, so that their behavior does not meet the criteria for one or more mental disorders. These disorders include: Depressive Disorders. In this case, the child of the great depression of mood can be irritable, restless, and tired, and suffer from a sense of worthlessness. Anxiety Disorders. In this case, the child may be too much to worry about, and the experience is of great concern. Behavior Disorders. In this case, the child, in the presence of all modes of transport, in the course of theft, destruction of property, or, in the case of fraud or the number of children that the social action is irresponsible, and a violation of the fundamental rights of others. Adjustment Disorders. In this case, the child develops behavioral or emotional symptoms in response to a painful event, such as divorce, after a significant change at school, work, or social functioning.

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