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Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ed) is 70% more likely to die prematurely, new research has found. OUR scientists believe that the disease may be associated with poor heart, and suggests that people who have erectile dysfunction to explore the health problems that could reduce their life short. Read the rest… I was recovering from the Accident, But Now is causing me erectile dysfunction, I’m Brian. Currently, I am a 45 years of age, and long-term girlfriend is 23. In order to perform the test, has always been a source of pride for me, and therefore suffer from erectile dysfunction, there was a moment of fear and shame. In the summer of 2014, my son (14 years old) and I went to the pool, only the children. It was a beautiful day, the sun bright, the sky blue and only one cloud provider. My pool is not deep enough for diving, however, I learned a little bit of diving, and they do belly flops, cannon balls, and the shallow depth of the water. Here is the place where to put. I had a very deep. Split skull, broken nose, broken/damaged orbit of the basin of the eyes, teeth, and lesions of the spinal cord (T4 And T-5), who has rejected me. When I wear it, I was unconscious for some time. He came to me very short of breath and trying to swim, with terror struck. I could not move my legs. Barely move my hands. I think my mind broke the surface long enough to spit blood in the mouth and down. I remember that I thought: “they’re dead now.” When I felt my son grab all the chest, raised his head and said: “don’t worry, I have a father”. I’ll never forget that “do not have”. I had a disaster. I was just to maintain awareness. I told him that I did not pull the other side of the ladder. He sat down on the stairs and I could not be alone. We rested a while, that was waiting for me, I can not move my legs. I couldn’t do it. And I could not use my hands. They feel that they have been in the fire. The hands, fingers and arms crushed razors a good time, is immersed in the gel, and then boiling water. That, and my face, mouth, and nose, was the source of the blood. After a minute or two, I’ve noticed that it does not disappear when I catch my breath. I had my son to support me on the edge of the pool and watch the 911 call. Try to keep the awareness, so that the story after this was the one that told me. I don’t remember the parties, but only a small amount. My son called 911, explained what happened, and that they have an emergency service on the road. He, then, put our pit bull, packed in bag – still holding my wallet, clothes, and a box of tobacco. He called my dad, who lives 3 states away (I have no relatives in the area). Then he called my friend to tell him. He also called his mother, and you don’t know what has happened (he lives 5.5 hours away in another state). As the trauma team had to strip the back of the card (I do not remember the man who said to me: “relax, help is here” when you threw the clothes in the sink to straighten out my body), I have at least had the conscience to ask the crew to take to my son. Let it go in the front of the ambulance. Good luck, one of the most important drugs that can reduce the pain of nerve injury is the morphine, I’m allergic to. I don’t know what he gave me, but do not remove the pain, it made me beat a retreat. In the next few days, I just remember a very confusing and swirling, a piece of reality. My dad flew to the city for the night. My girlfriend left her job and stayed with me. Remember that when you wake up, and see who has been copied on the window sill couch cover 3. or 4. on the second day. I was told a lot of friends, and friends of the family came to see me, but I don’t remember it. The original forecast was good. He told Me that the Doctors told my family that I can be paralyzed for the rest of my life. Simply put you under the pressure of the blankets back to the foot, which complement the blood pumping through my legs to help. In addition, they were concerned, I want to explode. Later, he told me that my blood pressure peaks 164 more than the 123. Yes, it is potentially deadly. In addition, there is no feeling/use of my limbs, including my penis. This meant regular catheters to urinate. I have had mri, ct scan, x-rays, and various other examples. On the third day, I entered in panic, the medical team completely. I woke up and I had to go to the bathroom. Disconnect all follow me, I got in bed and crashed. That, in addition, the number of all alerts. However, I’m not.

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