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The answer is multitasking, I would say that, as well as the height of the component or circuit to the repair work, you need to be good in other areas, such as networks, programs, etc., you will be happy, if you were at classes.

I once attended a seminar where the speaker mentioned about company resizing, company restructuring and austerity measures, workers, as well as in the process of reorganization of the company, in other words, he said that flight! You need to prepare and be ready to take on any challenge, which is about to arrive. I had some friends that have a repair, electronic repair courses, and has been in the repair business. Despite the fact that you can make repairs, not all devices can be repaired. This is understandable, there is a limit, and electronic. Of work, most of the components replaced, instead of the voltage error, with frames and etc., we Always recommend that you improve at least a course in the fundamentals of electronics, you can test your knowledge and I hope to help you with more income. I encourage you, also, surf the internet, more and more knowledge in the field of electronics repair.For me, as well as the monitoring, repair, and courses on electronic repair, I took to the internet to explore marketing as another field for me. Although my passion is in electronic repair, I begin to like internet marketing because the passive income it can generate for me. I see a lot of potential, because you can win in the market all over the world and money, while you sleep. In recent years, Ive had to learn from me about the creation of web sites . To create a web page is not difficult, because you have to do, the passion, the. I dont know about your passion, but additional knowledge whether in electronics repair or nonelectronics is a great advantage for you and learning has no end. Who knows, one day you could design at the end of the robotic, and repair, of course.I read this text in the newsletter, and I would like to share with you.There are many aspects of the electronics business. This includes the sale and installation of electronic equipment, as well as monitoring and evaluation. Industrial electronic repairs form of branch of activity, in different aspects of the manufacturing process. Industrial electronics repair is an essential part of all maintenance programs of the companies in the manufacturing sector. Then, qualified personnel for repairing of electronic equipment that is no longer an employee, and if you are working with the team.

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