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Indeed, not a day that I do not give thanks for the wonderful lifestyle that I and my family have provided.However, you may also know how difficult it can be.
Unfortunately, most people never get to experience that feeling of freedom for a lifetime of work. Only know the frustration and disappointment when placed in a business online business is not working as your course.
After all, there is so much hype and so many false promises in this industry, you can even keep the most ambitious person spinning your wheels for years.
And now you hear gurus saying he’s dead?
No wonder so many people are leaving the Internet business!
Well, before you assume that you have missed the boat when it comes to life with the web, you need to know a fact …
Internet marketing is not dying, never die, and in fact has been increasingly easier for the average person …
I know it may sound crazy, especially if you’ve struggled to make money online, but I will prove to you today.
I’ll show you new ways I’ve been making money and helping others make money, while actually working less, thanks to some changes in the industry.
Why should you believe me?
Well, I’ve been making my living online since 1996 and I like to think I’m a survivor …
I have seen countless gurus come and go over the years. I have seen the ‘death of Internet marketing, ‘he said again and again, by many so-called experts. However, I keep plugging along.
I generated over $ 10,000 a month in revenue in line for nearly two decades – from home on my laptop, and now on the road with my smartphone.
I have zero employees.
Without paying for advertising.
They do not depend on Google for traffic.
No products then pumped product.
I have only a small number of web properties.
I work when I want, usually less than 15 hrs./wk.
I monetize my web properties in 10 different ways.
Now I could show all my screenshots input ClickBank, PayPal, 2Checkout, my merchant account, etc., but if you’ve been on my list for any length of time, you know it’s not my style.
However, if you do not know me, I realize that at least some evidence is needed. So here is a copy of one Premier Awards my Clickbank so you can see I am a seller on Clickbank …As I mentioned, you can put a lot of screenshots of income, but you and I know that you can build. And frankly, I do not want to build a lot of hype here. In fact, I’m a little uncomfortable even earlier issues of revenue sharing with you.
Of course, I’m not in the ‘1’ or something like that. And there are plenty of ordinary people like me, who do a lot more than me. In fact, I know a lot of people who have been crushing the years.
But I will not waste time talking about money today. Everyone loves money, but I love nothing more …
So … online business is not about money for me. It is something far more precious …
Of course, I value the financial security as much as the next person. But what I value above all, is freedom of time.
When I started out online I decided I wanted it to be always in me. No corporate bull, no office, no employees. My goal was to work enough to give me the necessary income to live the lifestyle I wanted.
Call me lazy if you want, but …
I love being able to get out of bed without an alarm clock every day.
I do not miss my regular 9-5 job and my two hours back and forth to Boston.
I like going to the golf course instead of going to work on Monday morning.
I love being able to go hiking or kayaking with my wife, my children while they are at school.
I like to play Xbox with my daughter and riding dirt bikes with my son after school.
In a few minutes I will show you exactly how to earn online is actually getting easier, especially for solo entrepreneurs like me.
Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a bite or two to help you get over that liberty precious time. But first…
I want to get to the root of the problem causing too many people fail online …
The problem with online businesses today is that too many people are being led to dead ends. And these dead ends are being cleverly disguised as ‘shortcuts’.
I have strong evidence. I’ve seen some sales statistics of some developers say, the known vendors.
And what really sells big online is all ‘cut’ ” business opportunities with poaching strategies, social proof ‘gaps in the ranking of Google Secret Strategies’ and ‘Look how much I’ve earned’ these tactics sale.
The higher the status of best-selling results.
The easier you make it sound, the more it sells.
The more pressure gets, the more it sells.
The products are sold like hot cakes in a day of great tone, and then reintegration customers get a refund. Care ‘pump and dump’ because the seller still walk a fat payday.
This ‘shiny object syndrome’ is killing any chance of real success for many people!
Rather than rely on themselves, many people are totally dependent on a ‘program to make money ‘or’ business opportunity ‘after another. Then, when little or no gain occurs, they give up on it until something else is present tempting.
Here’s why this ‘shiny object syndrome’ persists …
All those easy ‘biz-ops’ and ‘voids’ that promise quick results and rapid wealth, image and easier to learn all appropriate measures long-term benefits of sound measurement online.
In fact, instead of ‘shiny object’ syndrome, perhaps it should be called ‘easy button’ syndrome.
It is human nature to want quick and easy results. Especially when a regular job or a constant struggle to make ends meet working. When you see pictures of big profits selling the stain is, it is impossible to resist.
In addition, gurus know that the ‘learning’ sounds like work for most people. That’s why I never use the ‘L word’ in their sales letters. It scares people.
Sad truth?
After all, it’s about learning and small successes that build self-sufficiency.
I know because back in the 1990s he was able to quit my full-time job after only a few months online. It began with learning. Here are some small successes gave me the confidence that I could do it all by myself, without a new job.
The fact that I have been able to earn an average of more than $ 10,000 per month from the 1990s, all by myself at home is not an accident.
I feel that is directly related to my willingness to experiment with new technologies and new strategies.
This is very different from what most people – this is business opportunities and join programs cookie cutter.
While some of which can lead to success, not only because most are too rigid. Not only end up trying to do exactly what everyone else is doing, success often depends on something completely out of your control.
Most of these programs fail because ‘only source of income, such as the approach to affiliate marketing a source of traffic, such as Google, or worse. That’s a big defect that can not be overlooked. The result?…
Too many people end up having the rug pulled out from under them again and again.
It usually happens when you see headlines like these …
‘Walking the Amazon tie with affiliates in several states’
‘Google Panda review sites affiliated Shakes 1000 Money Tree?
‘FTC [opportunity here] goes like Ponzi scheme’
‘Google Penguin Update countless small businesses overnight’
Headlines such as showing that both are out of your control, it’s no wonder that more and more people are moving around the Internet business. But it does not have to be this way.
You see, while some negative things have happened to hurt small business in recent years, most of the changes are very positive.
While many gurus have been pronouncing the death of internet marketing (which sold its last ‘survival’ manual) I say it’s just the opposite.
I will not buy anything from fear of saying the sky is falling. In fact, I’m willing to go out on a limb and say that …
‘More people will never generate income online from home in the coming years.’
Income important to leave work, be with your family more and enjoy life more than ever.
How I can make such a bold statement? Easy…
Because making money online is actually getting easier than it was, especially for the average person with little time, money or technical skills.
Now I know that may sound absurd if you have had trouble making money online in the past. But let me explain how it is now easier than ever …
In 2005 I was introduced to a software program called ezWebBusinessBuilder.

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