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About 45% of the players play every day and 25% of the players, twice a week, the symptoms of tennis elbow, at least for the moment. Just to Give you an idea, this is relatively abundant.

However, tennis elbow is not just for Tennis players. The carpenters, the bricklayers, the Mechanics, the officials, the players on the field, are examples of other people, a tennis elbow suffer.

Tennis elbow is often the cause of overuse or repetitive movements that cause inflammation. (This, of course, is a sign of the right hand, the player during the race, only for Lr).


The diagnosis begins with a complete medical history of the patient and their activities. Patients often enter in the morning stiffness of the elbow joint. In addition, reports of weakness, to burn with activities as simple as the food, turn the handle of the door, can also be reported.
Patients should seek the attention of a chiropractor, a coach, or a therapist, it is for the appropriate diagnosis (if there is, specializing in sports injuries, should be better). A space of movement and physical strength, the evidence and the evidence of the orthopaedic.

The next test, for an orthopedist, which can be useful for the diagnosis of tennis elbow.
The windmills, tests, tips, tests, exams, books, and play this game. In fact, fraud in the examination, sometimes referred to as tennis elbow of the evidence.


Please note that tennis elbow is a condition, and little by little, however, do not respond to treatment. For the treatment, the Patient can call the attention of the Masseur, physical therapist, physical therapists, therapist, massage, or your family doctor (family doctor, probably a reference to the previous 4 therapist or prescription of antiinflammatory drugs).
In the acute phase, the inflammation Reduces helps a lot. A course for a rest, ice, compression, and the belt, or a guide that can help.

(You can do this with a chiropractor that you see with the tennis elbow?)

(After a chiropractic adjustment to help patients and reduce inflammation of the joints, is the work of restoration and preservation of the function along the kinetic chain. What I want to do, is not only the direction, the height of the elbow, but also in the hands/hand shoulders and thoracic spine of the patients joints. In my experience, the patients elbow with tennis to Play, or with your arm on the other, with the hope of reducing the pain. This, of course, it is possible to begin to have an effect on other parts of the body. It is important that a doctor/therapist, a new concept of patient care, it is possible to restore)

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