Do you guarantee that PS3Magic will work on my PS3?

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PS3 magic is the first application that I recommend, if you like, the use of Chrome on the PS3. Your comments are Excellent, and the balance is excellent. On the a good reputation, they have to pay your thoughts with your customers without having to worry about anything. They are easy to install, with the necessary support, you will find that you can. You can download it on your computer, and then transfer them to your PS3.Sony PS3 is sold as console games, but the PlayStation 3 from Sony, in fact, a COMPUTER that is more powerful, there is an option in the Linux operating system.

People, in General, the use of the console ftogames, free games, but the PS3 has much more to offer. If the Installation of Linux on the PS3, which is on the site, on the console, PS3 and pc, and others.

However, we must mention a problem. The path is extended, on the Sony Other os feature with the new firmware v3.21. The update is not required, but customers are responsible for the installation, there are a number of other functions, such as the direct access to the PlayStation Network.

The class Action in April, before the Sony go volunteers in the function is the value of l

At the end of the installation of Linux, this is possible, but you need to be aware that you will be able to make the most of the PS3.

There are many advantages to installing Linux on the PS3 for example:

You can use different protocols are not compatible with the PS3. The operating system on the PS3 can read and recognize some of the protocols. If Linux on your computer, to read, and a lot of new formats, such as WMV, Quicktime and many others.
Web browsing faster. It is based on Linux, the browser, the ares is much better than the native PS3 web browser. The program on the website, with the Internet, faster and more efficient.
The Creation Of A Text. Linux gives you the ability to text processing and to print directly from your PS3. It is able to Install and Use the software for processing text, such as Open Office, and many others. If necessary, ask the printer for the PS3, you are able to use, to the printing of images and files.
Many Other applications on the PS3. The installation of Linux on the PS3, the use of this Form on to Install any version of Linux, which is compatible with the application. If in a Windows emulator under Linux, you will be able to Work with Windows applications
The installation of Linux on the PS3, you can use a DualBoot system and select the operating system you are trying to run at boot time You are able to use Linux for your daily tasks, activities, and the PS3, for the implementation of the system for the operation of the games.

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