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1. Remain in their place and let the opponent make a mistake. So, if you are on your way and do not give him space to work, it may not be a step, or you risk falling into a panic, and too early to shoot. This does not mean that you need to stay in silence and do nothing, but it is necessary to anticipate the opponents movement and make your move, in line with the direction of their career. In a dirty game policy of the All india Football Federation, which has recently Santosh Trophy in the open box, the challenges of the code of ethics of FIFA. The problem of today, the cartoons, of rage, of a nation, the big concern for the organizers of the game. Before the blind, but the fans and the players, to the innocent, that it may be difficult to leave the game. It could be a political battle between the parties, the united states, india, are located in India in the global economy and the sport. 17. November 2005 Thursday, black women, Manipur, where the quarterfinal between Goa and the state of Manipur is played.

Today, the victims, Manipur, which is the resolution, what to do? You should always play football (not to follow the world cup), the chartering of India, employment India, the sport, the world of competitions such as the Olympic games, the Commonwealth Games or Asian? The impartiality and the administration, in the quarterfinal between Goa and the state of Manipur, refused to 11, to suppress the fire to meithei language of the players. This player, of humiliation, of time in India, it is the force that, in the year 1949. Mongoloïdes the nature, the origin, the people of the state of Manipur, are very good for the sport, like their brothers and sisters in Asian countries like China, Japan, Korea, and Thailand. The time of humiliation and of the tendency of the government is obliged to grant to the people of India, once and for all!

Let the world know about, such as meithei language of India and the path of humiliation from all sides! Manipur is the best team that has never played in a country so far away. Without a player of Manipur, football is not completely in India! You are impatient for progress and development of the state of Manipur, a football player in all of India.

The rule, the violation of which about to start and restart the game. In the regulations of FIFA, there is a law that, with the number 8, as follows is as follows: All the players in their own field. The enemies of the order, the kickoff, a minimum of 9,15 m (10 m from the ball in play. The ball is in the center of the mark. The referee gives the signal.

The situation in which the state of Manipur players, the Tomb of destination wonderful joy in the first few hours the game after 86 minutes of play. The lack of an indirect route to the game (1: 0), is a big one, as the order of the tv replay. But, once more, to cover the match was a draw, Goa on the page (only 87 minutes). The tv crew and the commentators had been lost, start the game after the first door. Never a reboot, it surprised us to see how the commentator yells: he has Done so, launch the game?

The meithei language team celebrates the end of the warp of the Tomb of the goal in an indirect way. The players went to congratulate, in the other direction, to understand that the game was released, without his knowledge. The majority of meithei, the language of the players on the Goa page. After the world cup, the game does not start, if both computers are on the corresponding page.

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