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In our first meeting, we talked about Replacing, on a Variety of Subjects, which, to me, in my Young age, but still a Lot of Information on the Spanish Language. Then he looked at me with Curiosity.

Don Jorge, there is talk of mas pachuco Spanish! (Mr. Chavez, who speaks in the slang of the street, for Example, in English!!!). Surprised me!

What I said, Ive had bad Habits, and he Said, Spanish lowClass, Ignorant, People in the Street!!!!!

I thought for a Moment to think, and suddenly I understood why! When I Spoke with educated People, listen to my Accent and translated from English to practice Their English with ME!

The one that I have with People who speak, do not speak English. Additionally, the taxi driver, Gardener, service station, flight attendants, Mechanics and street Vendors. The people who practice it, and all the Opportunities that I had. And I had to learn from Them. And Ive always had bad! In the Vocabulary of EVIL and Taste!

It would be much better, as it would be, if I were to learn Spanish audio, the Language common to imitate, other than those discussed.

You see, as I learned later, there was a big Difference between the more lowLevel, uneducated, Street Spanish and Castillano (the Spanish of Castile), this is what the UniLevelofSpain.

There is much more to see the Difference between the low and ignorant Classes, Spanish courses, Spanish lowClass, of ignorance, of Italian and English on the Right.

In Spain, the Difference between the two Species, as well as the Difference between the English spoken by a Cockney taxi drivers in London, or, has Spoken of the Afroamerican Rap, the Singer and the president: on the one Hand, and the Right to Education, radio host, in English, on the other Side!!

I always try to talk with the taxi driver in London? Is the Formation of what I do not know English, the Language, the Dialects! And try to write in a Way that a black rapper, in Fact, for a certain period of Time! The Dialect is so far removed from Life, its like another Language! This is the same Type of Difference between the streetSpanish and Spanish Legislation.

If you learn Spanish, youre trying to learn correctly the first time. You can then take the lingo, and Dialects, as the addons later if you like. We all have the Tendency, Taste, and the Language of the People around us. To learn Spanish, is one of the good Things, Spanishaudio Course.

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