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Paddy Moogan Link Building Book,Link Building Book Paddy Moogan Pdf….This is probably my most successful piece of consciousness over time and conversion rate. I also have to admit that it was not expected at all; Thus the opportunity and got to work without really thinking too much about it.Background: My client is a highly technical industry. It is a condition of the community of active bloggers and more widespread use of web technology to link the target is missing. But I have trouble making this valuable customer relationships – their website was quite old, and frankly not worth the links, was really difficult consciousness.Until the customer called me one afternoon and said the BBC was on board one of the stories of a PR firm, but do not link. The customer asked if we had contacts with the BBC we could find, so I started to work to try to get in touch with someone.Hook: Even if this had happened, I took a closer look at the cover and why the BBC had covered my client. The reason was that they had a real novelty is connected to the Olympic Games in London in 2012, so it was just right. But most importantly, I noticed that they had a picture again, that my client owned the rights.What I did: When someone republishes a photo that belongs to you, but do not link to you, you must be perfectly legitimate to contact them and ask for a link. So I started to find other sites that also have used images and covers the history of the customer.1) I ran a basic Google searches for the name of the customer and the title of the story, some variants 2) I ran through the images from Google Image Search, reverse 3) to set up a Google secretly customer’s name and the title of the storyWith all these methods I could find a lot of websites that were covered with stories and images are used. I went through one by one and check if the link to the customer. Some simply combine already, but I could not find 16 websites that are not.Awareness: I have managed to find contact information for all of these, and quickly began e-mail. I thanked them cover the story and use the images; Then politely ask you to add credit link images in my client’s website.Results: Of the 16 emails I sent, 15 are connected to me. I was very happy with it! The only reason that I missed one of them was that he was already connected to a press release of my client who hosted elsewhere. Otherwise, I’m sure it would have been 100%.


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