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READ MORE http://www.lovingthegameoflife.com/Sometimes low self-esteem can be deep and are causing traumatic childhood experiences, for example, by extending the separation of the parental figures, neglect or emotional, physical or sexual abuse. If this is a particular problem for you, talk to a mental health professional. Therapy or counseling can allow talk about these experiences and try to reconcile with them. Unfortunately, therapy or counseling can be difficult to obtain, and may not be suitable for everyone.Low self-esteem may predispose to disease, and to develop a mental disorder in turn can provide a highly successful self-esteem. In some cases, low self-esteem itself is a cardinal feature of mental disorders such as depression or borderline personality disorder. The ratio of low self-esteem and mental disorders is complex, and a person with a mental disorder is more likely that most of those who suffer from low self-esteem in the long run.People with low self-esteem tend to long term to see the world as a hostile place for him and the victim. Consequently, they feel reluctant to express and defend themselves, losing the experience and opportunities, and the power to change things. All this only for low self-esteem even more, and end up being caught in a downward spiral.Fortunately, there are several simple things that anyone can increase their self-esteem and hope to get rid of this vicious circle. You may already do some of these things, and not really have to do everything. Just make sure those who feel more comfortable.1. Make three lists: one of the forces, the results of a person, and one of the things I admire about you. Try to get a friend or relative to help these lists. Keep the list in a safe place and read regularly.2. think positively about himself. Remember that, despite the problems, which is unique, special, and a valuable person and you deserve to feel good. Identify and challenge the negative thoughts you might have about you, because I’m a loser, ” I never do anything right ‘or’ Nobody does not like me. ‘3. Pay special attention to personal hygiene, for example, the hair style, cut nails, silk.4. The dress clothes that make you feel good.5. Eating the right foods as part of a healthy balanced diet. Doing hours of special moments of meals, even if you eat alone. Turn off the television or radio, set the table and arrange the food so that it looks attractive on the plate.6. Exercise regularly: go for a brisk walk every day, and take a (physical activity that makes you break a sweat) more vigorous physical activity three times a week.8. Manage your stress. If possible, ask a friend or family member who is alternately massaged each other on a regular basis.9. Make your living space, comfortable and attractive. Display items that remind you of your accomplishments or special moments and people in your life.10. do more of the things you like to do. Do at least one thing that you can enjoy every day and remember that you deserve.11. participate in activities such as painting, music, poetry and dance. This type of artistic activity is expressed gaining a sense of control, and positively interact with others. Finding a service class adult education or a local community center.12. Establish a challenge that can get reasonably, so go ahead! Take for example yoga, learn to sing or cook a small dinner in your apartment or home.13. There are things you’ve been putting off, like emptying the garden, wash the windows, or the production of documents.14. do something good for others. For example, to start a conversation with the person until, find a friend who is ill, or participate in a local charity.15. involve other people: tell friends and family what’s going on and get the advice and support. You may also have similar problems, in order to be able to peel and form a support group. Focus on what’s good for you. You are so used to focus on problems, which is what you see? The next time you find yourself dwelling problems or complaints about you or your day, find something positive to fight it. Each day, write down three good about yourself, and / or three things that went well that day, due to action or effort.Orientation effort rather than perfection. Some people are trapped by their pressure to be perfect. They lost because they are not looking. If you think, ‘I will not play a test, because it probably will not get the lead, he ensures that the player will go to someone else.Look at mistakes as learning opportunities. Accept that mistakes are made. All are. They are part of learning. Instead of thinking, ‘I always mess’ remember this is not always and only in this situation. What can you do differently next time?You change the thoughts, feeling worse. Compete with others and learn to feel less talented or less talented? Note what you think. A bit like: ‘. . And ‘much better than me, I have not played basketball, just stop playing led him to feel worse, they do not feel good about themselves.


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