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HOW it WORKS with the ENERGY of the breath and the movement of energy through the Nadis, or energy channels, the energy channels, referred to in the sense that in the decision and Pitta Ida and Pingala, the placement of weight in your body,” he says, the personality and the factors, feels lost, factors that may impact on the weight of the body and the 5 elements (air, water, earth, fire and space, energy, Kapha, Pitta and wool in Different areas of the face, where the imbalances, what are the problems on the forehead, t-zone, problems in the jaw, to show in the way that the balance of power: if you are using a lot of water and earth, excessive heat or too much air, space, and Our rhythms and cycles – what happens when you need to understand, and you follow the rhythm? 1.3 circadian rhythm and 3 work with the energy pattern of the day-to-day, and to organize various times of the day, in the day, according to energy?2.2. WHAT to EAT, YOGI, and a consumption of Energy? What are the Foods most Vital energy? Power-dead silence/foods S. A. D. Diet-standard american Diet is a Natural Method to preserve Food, If you can give Energy to the Body, such As preparing a Meal for the Establishment of a “Set” if you want to go with Your convictions and get something to Eat? Kitchen Sadhana – uplevelling as well that we need to Eat: —– the Fermentation —– Dehydration —– the Crude oil before it is Cooked —– Soups, Salads, Marinades —– Find Your 2,3 CHILDREN, AND the oldest of the 3 Sites, some of the Imbalances that You can make, the Skin, the Intestine and the Lungs, it can be said that the Tongue is like a Map of the entire Gastrointestinal tract, the Elimination of Mood Problems, and 2.4 carrot cake IN the CARPET, the Direction of Movement and yoga Prana, Tejas, Ojas, vata, Pitta and Kapha-reducing yoga exercises, practice, in the Case in which: (1) Have a Lot of Road, it was traumatic in the Life 2) You need a large amount of Strength and Concentration, 3) Your life is life, there is an Increase in the Weight of 2.5-ENERGY AND the PRACTICE of YOGA Part of Your Yoga Practice Down and Toward the Tip, with a point of View of the Current Energy Important Tips to help, through Their Practice of yoga, the dynamic Power Problem, Back pain, Pain, Heart Problems, etc, and how You can HEAL, Balance yoga 2.6 Metres, Place of Worship, the Spread of + the Right to increase the Amount of Energy How to Make Your own healing Space for the Cleaning of the house Architects to take better Decisions, an important Connection with the Development of the explosive Diseases.

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