Patriots Survival Plan

READ MORE Patriot Survival PlanHe is creative and initiative: Every day, whether at national or international level to the local level, west increasingly dominated by Islamic law. Find ways to tell the truth and to inform the public. This is an exciting story: a group of citizens formed an organization called the Coalition of Jihad. They created the armed Islam and summaries of documents, whether in a public place (in this case, the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California) and train others. To learn more about them and to listen to the interview, see here.Y: Jihad is a report for a complete list of things that citizens can do. Each site is a list of links to information on the site area of special interest. Some excellent suggestions on how best to approach people too. I invite readers to visit, explore and find one or two things here.Finally, I want to say that the current state of unbearable end of our people. Either fight with everything we have, or we will be defeated. Scary ‘convert or die’ is not forced to wild conclusions about people in other countries. the country said. And although many of us feel overwhelmed in our time and energy thin firmly believe that if the incomprehensible darkness now enveloping our lives to silence – unless our hearts – that, and all that.Nobody comes out of danger. Democrats, Republicans and Independents; Patriots and dhimmis; men, women and children; young, old and everyone; Rich and poor; Christians, Mormons, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, agnostics and atheists; black, brown and white; educated and uneducated; officials and employees of the private sector; doctors, teachers, roofers, truck drivers, lawyers, veterinarians, CEO, cooks, plumbers, dog lovers; and dogs.United States is the ultimate end of evil. Either we fight now, or face the unthinkable later. And later, much sooner than we think.


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