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From the beginning, you need to understand something. The ultimate goal, eBay seller is to achieve the status of best seller, while making money on eBay, at the same time, but before reaching the highest act of state seller must first become a PowerSeller, and you really need to sell a lot of products.What you need to become
eBay Powerseller?
Power Sellers are some eBay sellers more successful in selling products and customer satisfaction, Power Sellers are also a good price on eBay.Many people think to become a PowerSeller is impossible dream. Well, if I told you it is not difficult? I’m serious when I say this. Take a look at the requirements Powerseller below.What are the requirements? *To qualify for eBay PowerSellers program, manufacturers must constantly sell large quantities of items, providing a high level of customer service, maintain good grades and ratings meet the requirements for the sale of the seller and buyer protection and PayPal eBay buyers appropriate box protection rules. Will too.
Be listed on eBay for at least 90 days
You have an account in good standing
Keep a positive assessment of 98 or more
Follow all eBay policies
Have 100 transactions and $ 3,000 in sales in 12 months
Now, if you look at the requirements to become a Powerseller that you need to see Total sales in 3000 and at least $ 100 sales over a period of 12 months. In fact, it is not hard to do and I’ll explain the best way to do it in 90 days PowerSeller Challenge.As a Powerseller, you also have the opportunity to benefit from higher sales status, which recognizes suppliers that have a proven record of customer service and sales history.What needs to be the top seller Rating?Their ultimate goal is to get the status of eBay bestsellers. Bestsellers are PowerSellers who always provide the best shopping experience of its customers. If you have a large amount of sales or less amount, which can be a top seller. Seller highest score will pay less in fees from eBay and also have better search rankings.The requirements and benefits are the same for most categories, except for the categories of vehicles.Top sellers receive benefits and advantages:To become a top score vendor must be Powerseller and meet the following Detailed Seller Rating (DSR)DSR rate class 1 and 2 guest maximum number of occurrences
Items as described communication 0.50 2 0.50 2 0.50 2 0.50 shipping and handling fee deposit
Some of this may seem a bit ‘confused, but all you really need to focus on the sale of 100 shares and generated more than $ 3,000 in sales, but at the same time providing excellent service. This is not really hard to do, especially if you follow my instructions.
So you know what
What should be learned?
If you want to learn something that someone should not be any of the ‘preaching’ track record? It is not only an expert faceless’ speak the language?

So you know my number, eBay (planetsms) and you can check my eBay feedback and sales history dating back to 2002. If it does not tell you that I am honest and know how to sell something on eBay. So, please understand. You can get the status of PowerSeller in 90 days and then go for the status of the seller and earn good money on eBay, at the same time. All you need is the right information, tools and ‘know-how’ …

Look, this is what keeps most eBay sellers have some success on eBay, listening to the wrong people, or worse than ‘go it alone’ and make many mistakes. Well, if I can, I will make it very easy for you. I will do the same to you, I did it to people before they have done since 2004. I will be a PowerSeller in 90 days and fast soon begin earning on eBay.When you reach Powerseller Status, everything changes and it will be much easier to attract hundreds of dollars a day, revenues and profits soar as you join the elite World sell on eBay!Look, that’s why 95 give up and quit. ‘They do not have the right information or any idea how difficult it look easy … when in fact it is not difficult at all! ‘There will be frustration for you. There will be no excessive workload! You will be able to jump right in front of it and the top 5 Live!

How to do?

Easy! One of the quickest ways to succeed is to follow someone who is already successful. Find someone who is already where you want to be a model. They can make and use the same tools, methods and procedures they do.Well, the day 90 PowerSeller Challenge 4.0 was created and ready to do it. This product supports and takes you right along the road to success. And when I say success … I talk about being on eBay Powerseller that hundreds of thousands of people a day and time every month!All the frustration and pain for 95 … will never reach this situation and give up before you start. We do all the time, energy and exhausting effort for others. The easiest, smartest way is taken and faster – is here …Why listen to John Thornhill?Before paying money that people say will help to make money on eBay first thing to do is to look at the ratings of sellers.It really makes me laugh when someone says that he can show you how to make money when they know nothing about making money for himself. E ‘as a driving instructor teaches without permission and guidance.Well, I’m different, I eBay sellers with years of experience in the sale of eBay that was in 2002. I sold hundreds of thousands of dollars in information products on eBay and if you decide to invest in let me show you exactly how, and how you can do the same.This is training you get when
Investment in days PowerSeller Challenge 4.0 90
The training is divided into easy-to-follow categories and delivered through interactive my CD-ROM that includes video training, audio courses and much easier to follow publications, it includes all materials needed to start a company eBay are.


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