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I’ve had physical therapy before, but none of them is even close to the efficiency of Dr. SAM strategy. In his book, “Revolutionary Rehab Manual,” can god send and an absolute must!! The information contained in the book was very good in my recovery. My quality of life has improved a lot of the advice/information contained in the book.” -James H. Ersery the Northern part of the state of Georgia, “Dr. Samuel Mielarski came to the conclusion that it is important for all who work with the sick and wounded. Of a clear and straightforward way, Dr. Sam opens the way for post-modern physical rehabilitation and the prevention of accidents in the 21stcentury. Despite the fact that your work shock of the traditionalists, which is a breath of fresh air for the people to take a “whole” approach to the patient. If you are satisfied with the current state of the practice or not is the duration and the intensity of career change, which is to read through this manual. However, if you’re ready to take the leap and create a paradigm shift in the clinical awareness and, then, the “Revolutionary” Rehabilitation ” is the option for you.” –Marcus Hutchinson, PT, ATC, CSCS, Director of Rehabilitation, Marietta, GA “Revolutionary Rehab is a must read for all who want to master the art and science of medicine, the prevention of accidents at work and health. This manual will probably be as part of the curriculum which is compulsory for ALL students of physical therapy. and without a doubt will be valuable for physical health and rehabilitation.” -Edward Tantorski, PT, MPH, Associate Professor and Academic Coordinator of physical therapy, Quinnipiac University, Hamden, CT “Revolutionary Rehab is MUCH more than a guide on rehabilitation and injury prevention, which provides a foundation that allows healing to stick. How to warm up the head with the lighting of the materials inside, you will begin to see how this manual can help you change your life! I have known Samuel for several years and consulted on the health and the rehabilitation of the elements for my clients to benefit as well as mine, so I am very happy that you have finally decided to post in this topic. The caring attitude that he brings to the world recovery really appears in this manual. The current state of our health care system, require valuable resources, as Revolutionary Rehab Manual to help people who want to get the best quality of life. This is more than this-only-manual activation and can act as a “health insurance”, which is true, you should focus on their health care options. If you only have a handful of resources for the care of the human body, this guide is for natural health called ‘Revolutionary Rehab,’ should be one of them!” -Bennett, DAS, Disease Avoidance Specialist, Ft. Lauderdale, FL *ORDER TODAY AND GET 2 AMAZING bonuses: Bonus #1 ($150 value)- Free subscription to Dr. SAM blog, e-Newsletter, health tips and much more. The valuable resources of the health-empowering information that complements very well manually, so that you can get the health, disability, and injury prevention, the results that follow. Bonus #2 ($50)- 1 Free Email or Phone consultation with Dr. SAM AT Dr. SAM trying to be 100% satisfied with it, even willing to give you 1 free private e-mail or telephone consultation (20 minutes maximum) to address important issues and help you in the best way possible, the health and well-being. (*Please note: you will have 2 months from the date of purchase to get this bonus.) *Important: Read digital products, e-book. NO physical product will be sent to you via e-mail. When you purchase this product, you will be redirected to a “thank you Page”, where you can find the instructions on how to download the manual and bonuses. The delivery must be fast, but it can be changed, depending on the type and quality of computer and internet connection. You get information about the service to the client, in the “thank you Page”, among other things, contact with e-mail and toll-free phone numbers to call if you have any questions or difficulty finding the product(s). To buy this product from a seller name “ClickBank”. This product will be in PDF format. If you do not have this program download free software for most operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Mac, Unix/Linux, and Mobile Devices), can be found here (Free PDF Software).

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