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The arrival of the parcel, to the Perfection, the Optimizer is very large, depending on the wealth aspect, if you compare it to registry cleaner like Registry Fix, RegCure or Registry Easy. In addition, it offers a registry cleaner, but it also offers a remover of unnecessary files, file shredder, memory optimizer, Windows settings tweaker, file uninstaller, and Windows error fixer. You can leave the last two functions, but because the first is already available on Windows and the second is, in truth, associated with registry cleaner function. In the first place, it seems that instead of a handful of tools. However, if you compare it with the Perfect Optimizer with the serious candidates, which is sold in the same price range, you get a fair result. Simply place a check mark in the ” Advanced System Optimizer (ASO) that is sold, 5 bucks cheaper and loaded with more additional tools, such as the amount of disk space explorer, schl├╝├čler file, the zip file of the workshop, automatic background image changer, and even a virus and anti-spyware. Airlive System mechanics 8.5 basic version is the retail price of the ASO, and the most important thing is that the Doctor-Disk module, which can help your pc to start with, in the case of anomalies and the implementation of the process of recovery from here, about the importance of taking care of these features that Perfect Optimizer leaves behind. Optimization, and maintenance of the evidence that I have of the cover, if you compare a Perfectly Optimizer’s result with some of the best optimization software in the market: TuneUp Utilities 2009, Airlive System mechanics, and Ashampoo 6 Errors. Perfect Optimizer is provided with the surprise 5344 error during the search, that is, without any doubt, the strongest growth among the software that I have found. But before we move forward, get rid of the error, and I scanned my pc with the other optimization software, so that the state of my computer, without any modification. Surprisingly, in a systematic way, to inform quite similar errors findings which is in Perfect Optimizer disk: 150 error. Now, as we have seen, a Perfect optimization of the performance. But with the excellent result, and this can really do a lot of the more errors, the software is reliable? Before you jump up and down about this result, it is preferable, for the numbers in the field. In function of the other three products, which are displayed in real time, after optimizing the performance of Windows, much more that the Perfect Optimizer, especially TuneUp Utilities 2009.

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