The Body Transformation Blueprint Workout

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Too much estrogen and not enough progesterone, and shape metabolism the gas and then slammed on the brakes at the same time. You can counteract estrogen-induced slowing metabolism. But first, let’s look at 3 reasons most of the estrogen… 1. Reason #1, most important reason for the dominance of estrogen is out of date. 30 years of Age, Ovulation, at least, during the month. Ovulation disappear altogether, an average of 52 years. Therefore, it is important to know if a woman is ovulation, hemoglobin jump, in order to the extra estrogen, which happens before ovulation, then the fat and the fat that the metabolic balance. But, if you want to sink to the bottom, such as age and the beginning of ovulation, it is less to promote hemoglobin wave cell, relatively more than in the cell, including the blocking of estrogen, dirty work. 2. Reason #2: another reason most of it is estrogen, more than 80,000 chemicals in the environment, in recent decades, it is. All of these are pesticides, plastics, additives, the entire contents of personal and products for the home. If one of these substances in the body, you can see the effect of the cell, r, can be used to simulate estrogen, smoking is the cause of destruction to your ability to fat blocker. Scientists have confirmed that a man, fishing in the lake, and the waters are, in fact, CHANGES in women, excess fake estrogen are impressive. 3. Reason #3 is the third leading cause of estrogen dominance, fat and living standards after 40 years, is something that every woman, these days stress. If you are stressed, the body’s power to secrete a powerful hormone to help testosterone, which is able to in situations of stress. But, if you’re constantly stressed out, no production, and prevents the body is lower than normal. And enough biological material for the production is lower than normal, you know what? Your body has to steal hemoglobin.

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