The Desire Protocol Ebook

READ MORE desire to find a mate and sexual pleasure.And here’s the amazing thing. . .No matter who you are or what you look like. . .If you combine the right set of words cues of body language, and to make the right calls. . .You can activate the brain the woman you see the desired Alpha Male, which raised the inevitable reaction obsessed Sex irresistible to you.
You may have heard or perhaps even considered at one point, only to find that perfect 10 beautiful girls, have tons of money, six-pack or a nice car.Or maybe you are trying to follow the advice of an expert as you say that you have to learn a ridiculous pick up lines, that is, the players methods, as it is called, will only make the girls laugh at you. It is applied BULL!If you’re one of the millions of people who were victims of lies, then take me to the end, because it’s time to admire and dream hottest girls no chance to get on the bedNot only speculate. Totally predictable biological evolution.But before we get there, we will have a bigger problem. Our whole life told the media, teachers, mother, so that women want and want some sort.This is a good guy – he is sensitive, he is intelligent, he will buy flowers, it provides e-mail and SMS to tell him how much he loves her and called her sister every chance he gets.In short, he loves the country where he goes. Here is what we have learned and told the children. Here’s what we explained on TV and in romantic comedies and love stories. This is what women tell us they want.Only one problem – a big, big problem – it is a lie.When I was a lie and the truth, my life changed forever. I am a man who has daughters feminist guard.I am a boy of modern Western women never say they want to be. But at the end of * SS in my bed crying pleasure anyway.I’m the guy who leaves a perfect ‘girls boy. . .I am a man, woman and lust after lead to the end – at the same time – it’s not like guys like me.


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