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Since then, some of these Studies have been conducted to find out exactly what the wheat grass to the Body. For further research, is the Connection between Wheat and grass, and the large increase in the Demand for more detailed information. Health benefits of Wheat Seeds, a lot of health benefits that have been attributed to Wheat grass. Some claim that it can help cure Cancer, while the other remained firm, which helped him more Energy. In spite of all these Rights is not yet proven, some Studies have shown that the majority of Them. With all the Accusations of Ulcerative Colitis-a Double-blind, placebo-controlled study, the Study was done in People who suffer from ulcerative Colitis. In a Group of 21 Patients received 3 Doses of the fresh Juice of Soy, for a Total of 100 ml. The results of the Study were far from insignificant. In Fact, for Patients, and wheat grass have been successful, had a Reduction of Symptoms of ulcerative Colitis and one of the four levels. As for side effects, which were almost non-existent.It was exactly the Reduction of ulcerative Colitis is measured? There are two Factors: first, the Symptoms of ulcerative Colitis to show how much those in the placebo Group, which was regulated. Another Feature is that the Advent of Colonoscopy, which showed that the two elements have not been damaged as a State, as for any other Group.As a Type of inflammatory Bowel disease (crohn’s disease, ulcerative Colitis, are open sores in the Colon. Approximately 35 to 100 People, 100 000 People who suffer from this problem, and the trends indicate that the Number is growing. Those who have been diagnosed positive to this Question must take into account in order to make the Wheat, for the Payment, in the Amount specified in the Studies, or even more, depending on the Advice of a Doctor. Prevention of Cancer is based on the Fact that, the Vegetables of green color in Color and Rich in beta-carotene, can prevent Cancer of the Lung, Ovary, Stomach, cervix, uterus, Colon. This is due to the antiseptic Properties and the large Amount of Fiber present in Foods, for example. These Types of Vegetables also have the Function of cell regeneration, so make sure that Your Body is in a constant State of abundance.

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