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Click here to read more >>> Of Addiction ProgramWhatever the actual number, the most important point, which is the massive reduction. Even if we think we can live in the real world, what we call reality is actually less than one percent of the information there.Next problem, the normal situation of the world has come to know as “special needs.” The old idea was that people from diseases like ADHD, autism and Asperger’s syndrome is not normal. But I know many people in Silicon Valley, such as the fact that “suffering” of Asperger’s intentions are more than willing to refuse able to process social cues, to strengthen the capacity of analysis and mathematics, which is optional, is for a great power, and disability.Similarly, I know dozens of serious professional athletes ADHD believe that their “sick” -arguing career is that the only time you can focus on playing (or a mountain or whatever), and what others see as a better state of the same. as a gateway to another world, a world where the impossible becomes possibleFinally, the most obvious problem of normality is the simple fact that it is not a total sham. In the world of addiction, not the normal form of the drug, chemically modified. But all of us and all the time, chemically modified.The food changes our neurochemistry. Strong emotions alter neurochemistry. The chemical substances in the air (breathing quality and style) breath to change our neurochemistry. From a biological point of view, nothing changes and chemistry. Not in the baseline. This is normal.And there is no such thing as only average, the disadvantage is that there is no such thing as a non-dependent people. Any users who are not drugs in the world, for the simple fact that the dependence of the brain.Take, for example, the costumes. As Charles Duhigg taught The force of habit is less of a neurobiology around to buy tents (position, routine, reward), and the end point of the pay cycle is determined by the release of dopamine in the nucleus accumbens, the brain reward principles of drug. Strengthen the door clicks. This cycle is the way to learn.


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