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READ MORE http://www.unlockingyourmagic.com/This is a fundamental law of creation. . Things produce after their kind – that harvest crops. They planted the seeds should be presented to us as a species – in abundance. There is no exception. The act of production will not bend for anyone. .Every thought, word and deed is a seed for the next time our. everything returns to human consciousness that created it. Any responsibility leads us to live a holy and very respectful. . If all we do is so important that the vibration is sent in the universe forever, we see why the operating system significantly sacredly, walking slowly, attentive and really think about what we do and resonance established. .

I think back and remember the last time I really ‘the same stage of’ something I wanted to achieve. Remember how easy and pleasant it was to gather all the pieces together to create the final result? Were you worried or concerned about what others think or do. You were one with the energy of creation. The same dynamic is possible throughout his life. Being one of the magical energy of who you are, that will be created. You can also create your own borders in the walls of fear and inadequacy. Embrace the power; Consider what you create every day. If you put all the ingredients to make an apple pie, you can use the same recipe to create what you want. Create a recipe that works for you. To be consistent with the energy of what you want to bring into your life. If you have tried several times to survive without apparent success otherwise. Add or remove a part of the recipe. As universal power supply compatible with magic.

Where is the energy now? They focused on the activities of life or updating what someone else is doing or not? their energy is directed on how to find someone else to change or not you want it? What is the theme of most of the discussion? Think about the last conversation we had we share our hopes, dreams and ideas, or you complain about how things are not going your way? Much of our words, thoughts and energy are given what is happening around us. Understand that you are powerful magic to recover the energy lost in the things you can not control. You can not control your emotions or actions of another person. If someone is in your life that cause serious criticisms because they still want a part of his life. If you are not satisfied with the situation as it is, it is a choice. You are not your past. Not what someone did or what was taken from you. Events and people in your life have served to shape ‘, currently. Events today is even more perfect tomorrow, and so on. . .


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