Us Dollar Collapse 2016

READ MORE USD Domino Complete SystemYou can see the use of the knowledge that I will present in this presentation, it is also able to benefit greatly from new financial crisis.You have information that the decision of 1% is owned by, and can enjoy and after the level you never imagined.It should not be a millionaire or imagination economist to know that the reasons for the US economy is very shaky.Our economy is based on a very unstable economic pillars, both nationally and internationally.Finland, the United States threatened by the economic crisis.Basically, the reason why the US is in debt because of ‘affection, the expected growth’ time, so he borrowed in the past. . .Since the time of all the economic prediction models predicted continued growth. . .In other words, it increases, we need to maintain a low unemployment rate, and continue to create new jobs.In the event that our economy is not growing hope, or remain stagnant for a long period of time, it becomes difficult to pay off all debts. . .And historically, looking at the results of previous governments, as well as countries that are not able to support economic growth. . .Almost always non-payment of debt.If this happens, the dollar will be reduced immediately and start an economic disaster night almost similar to the financial crisis that Venezuela is not a lot of time.When inflation was over 100% and efficiently manage the almost worthless currency. . .But this time, do not read ‘the way in which the country without a real economic presence in the world economy, such as Venezuela. . .This is the biggest collapse of the single largest in the world, such as the International Monetary Fund, the economy is literally larger of the next three largest economies together.When this happens, the dollar fell like dominoes. . .While this may seem obscure, this is just the beginning of our problems.You see, if the dollar due to problems with a purely internal problems, there may be a risk that the biggest story of the economic crisis can be avoided. . .Globalization in recent decades, the US economy is also vulnerable to accidents.quite disturbing, these risks are not even their own borders and threaten us internationally.Currently, the US is more than $ 5000000000000 proceedings abroad.
China and Japan are the major debt holders and their economies slowing down too. . .If their economies do not continue to grow, they need to get rid of their US government bonds on the secondary market. . .It would be a serious second accelerated devaluation of the dollar as well.What happens when all the savings evaporate in the air during the night?Make no mistake, there will be bank runs across the country from coast to coast, where 99% of the population, are desperately trying to raise funds now worthless paper.I hope you’re ready, because the clock is ticking, and it is a question of ‘when’ not ‘if’, that this death occurs.You and your family ready for what’s going on?Can you honestly say that you and your family safe after this economy?


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